Our mission is to become the best technology platform and solution provider to contribute with the worldwide plastic circular economy challenges.
We are a solid waste recovery enterprise that employs a full range of waste processing technologies aiming to revalue the waste and reinsert it into the value chain.
We work hard to create local value chains, fully integrated and efficient to have the best impact on the neighborhood circular economy. This brings positive impact to:


Increase the recycling ratio on the communities we act, aiming to grow 10 times this ratio, from 3% (Brazil average) to 30%.


Multiply direct, formal, and indirect jobs with proper work conditions that will contribute with each and every associate’s fully development.


Support the growth of each local circular economy through the building of environmental consciousness, the growth of formal practices on the recycling business, and the training and professionalization of recycling cooperatives and trash collectors

Our activities always follow solid principles and values that become the base for our actions and the way we do business.




Keep our environment, our processes, our activities always well organized, clean, and with the highest quality and safety standards

Spirit of Ownership:

We work hard to improve the circular economy and have a strong impact on our community and environment. This challenge belongs to all of us inside Valoren and, therefore, we all fully own this responsibility.


We are a single team. We work hard and together to improve every aspect from what we do. We welcome ideas and actions from everyone and everywhere in order to build breakthrough and innovative solutions.


Everything we do strives to build a more sustainable environment, community and society. Sustainability is our aim and our dream.


We do everything and achieve success by thinking different. We innovate in our technologies, our processes, our products, our ways of doing business. That’s how we are and how we believe we can positively impact everything we do.


Valoren was born since the beginning with high standards of corporate governance, with a strong focus on transparency, common values, and solid management practices.

- The management council meets every month to review all the ESG practices and decide upon the key initiatives
- The executive committee (Comex) meets every week to review and decide upon the main action plans to pursue the highest ESG standard


Through an integrated business model reaching chemical and mechanical recycling plus trading knowledge, Valoren built the best solution to the urban solid waste. By applying advanced techniques and innovative technologies, we can offer our post-consumer clients (e.g: Consumer Goods companies) a fully certified and the best environmental product destination, because we will simply recircle it all back to the industry.

Urban Solid Waste Management

We collect the solid waste in residential condominiums, schools, industries and companies interested in recycling. We develop customized solid waste management plans to these clients and find the best adequate way to provide the final destination to their residues, always striving to find ways to recircle it and avoid the landfills.

Mechanical Recycling

We recover rigid plastics, pre-sorted or mixed, employing a proprietary process, and turning them into flakes or pellets. Our process has flexibility to receive materials that requires pre-sorting. Our final products can be customized to our client’s specifications.

Chemical Recycling

We developed a proprietary technology that recycle plastic waste, mainly the ones that are harder to mechanically recycle, such as laminated packaging and BOPP, into products with short carbon chains. Our products, originated from plastic solid waste, can pursue naphtha-like, paraffins, solvents, and carbon black characteristics . Because we are a technology developer, we can best suit our solutions to the market and each customers requirements

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